What are the Different Kinds of Manslaughter?

What are the Different Kinds of Manslaughter?

kinds of manslaughter

Many people get confused with what manslaughter is. Manslaughter is different from murder, as manslaughter is the unlawful killing of a person without the thought or intent to kill beforehand. This is the reason why murder is a more serious offense, but both are criminal offenses nonetheless. Florida manslaughter laws are specific regarding what can be considered manslaughter and what kinds of manslaughter there are.

How many years can you get for manslaughter? There are different types of manslaughter, and each type will have a different criminal punishment involved.

kinds of manslaughterDifferent Kinds of Manslaughter, and Florida Manslaughter Punishments

The types committed will dictate how many years you get for manslaughter. Here are the kinds of manslaughter, and the respective possible punishments.

  1. Voluntary manslaughter

Voluntary manslaughter is the act of intentionally killing a person, but without a premeditated or planned intent to commit the crime. This is usually a result of being provoked, with the person reacting and resulting in the death of the victim.

Voluntary manslaughter Florida laws state that conviction can result in jail time of up to 15 years, and/or a hefty monetary fine.

  1. Involuntary manslaughter

Like voluntary manslaughter, involuntary manslaughter still involves the unintentional killing of a person. The difference between the two is that involuntary manslaughter results in death but without intent. This is usually a result of accidents due to negligence, or accidents due to committing another unlawful act.

For involuntary manslaughter Florida laws, the sentence is generally less severe compared to that of voluntary manslaughter, but also takes into account previous behaviors of the persecuted.

  1. Aggravated manslaughter

Aggravated manslaughter is another type of manslaughter, but is more severe due to the identity of the person killed. These include children, the elderly, law enforcement officers, paramedics, and the like.

Aggravated manslaughter sentences are second-degree felonies, and can prove to be more severe. How many years you get for manslaughter will vary, based on the specifics of the incident.

  1. Vehicular manslaughter

Vehicular manslaughter involves the severe injury and death done to a person or unborn child as a result of driving negligence.

Vehicular manslaughter is considered to be a first or a second-degree felony based on specific circumstances surrounding the incident.

  1. Vessel Manslaughter

Vessel manslaughter is somewhat similar to vehicular manslaughter, except that vessel manslaughters does not involve cars but rather aquatic vessels. Boating accidents that result in death, for example, can be considered to be vessel manslaughter if it is proven that the operator is criminally negligent.

Vessel manslaughter can also be first or second-degree felonies, based on the incident. Jail time will depend on the court ruling.

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