How Your License Can be Suspended and How to Reinstate It

How Your License Can be Suspended and How to Reinstate It

DUI Suspended License Florida

Nearly two million registered drivers in Florida have suspended driver’s licenses. Many of those people are not aware that they are taking a gamble each time they get behind the wheel. Even a small traffic infraction could land them in jail.  Often, Florida driver’s licenses are suspended for reasons that have nothing to do with driving.

Why Your Florida License Could Be Suspended

According to the Sun-Sentinel, more than half a million drivers with a suspended license in fiscal 2017 had no driving offenses. So why were there licenses suspended? They found that the leading causes were failing to pay child support and not paying court fees and fines.

Florida’s Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV) says a driver’s license will be suspended for up to a year for a driving violation that is not DUI-related and results in serious bodily injury or death. If a driver accumulates too many points for traffic violations, their license may also be suspended, depending on the number of points and the time frame. For example, a driver with 12 points in 12 months faces a 30-day suspension, whereas one who racks up 24 points within 36 months can lead to a one-year suspension.

A suspension can also result from fraudulently obtaining a driver’s license. But people can be barred from driving for many other reasons, including:

  • Not attending traffic school
  • Missing a court date
  • Writing a bounced check
  • Missing a car insurance payment

Drivers under the age of 18 may also have their license suspended for tobacco and alcohol possession, having a gun, sexting, truancy, and vandalism, among other things.

How to Get a Suspended License Reinstated

Suspended driver’s license reinstatement is necessary in Florida to continue driving legally. Having a Florida driver’s license restored requires a few steps. Those steps vary depending on the infraction or crime.

Drivers must pay close attention to the reinstatement requirements listed on their suspension notice. The FLHSMV will include detailed information about the length of your suspension, as well as what you must do to have your driving rights restored. The process typically requires that you:

  • Pay a traffic fine
  • Pay the suspended driver’s license reinstatement fee
  • Pay other applicable driver-related fees, depending on the reason for the suspension
  • Enroll in a DMV-approved traffic course
  • Fulfill the suspension period
  • Complete a drug and alcohol course
  • Serve a probation period
  • Serve any necessary jail sentence

Some drivers may need to buy FR44 insurance for up to three years. FR44 insurance is mandatory for Florida drivers with serious suspensions, such as those related to driving under the influence or being a Habitual Traffic Offender.

Fees to Reinstate a Florida Driver’s License

To have your Florida driver’s license restored, you will likely have to pay fees to the Department of Motor Vehicles. These fees vary but may include:

  • Revocation fee: $75
  • Suspension fee: $45
  • Additional fee for not paying child support: $60
  • Additional fee for unpaid traffic tickets: $60
  • Additional administrative fee for a drug- or alcohol-related offense: $130

Legal Help

If your license is suspended because of a DUI case, it is critical that you receive legal help as soon as possible. Having experienced Broward County criminal lawyers on your side can make a difference. Trust Michael A. Gottlieb to take your case and fight on your behalf. Contact us today at 954-462-1005 for a free consultation.

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