The Four Biggest Errors You Can Make on Probation

The Four Biggest Errors You Can Make on Probation

The Four Biggest Errors You Can Make on Probation

A criminal can be sentenced in different ways, one of which is to be put on probation. Courts will only impose probation in certain charges such as drug crimes, sex offenses, and driving under the influence. There are also specific terms and conditions that should be followed by the defendant.

If you are on probation, you should be aware of the activities you should avoid doing to prevent committing probation violation.

  • Not paying the fines or restitution set by the court

A judge may require you to pay restitution or fines to the victim depending on the weight of your crime. You must make sure that you are able to secure a job or have another source of income. Not being able to pay fines will put you at risk of being charged with a new offense.   

  • Not following the ban on drugs and alcohol consumption

Defendants on probation assume that they can always get away with the act of taking alcohol or drugs. Unfortunately, there are a lot of ways of knowing if you have done so.

Pre-trial drug tests can be performed depending on your offense or severity of punishment. It may include 5-12 drug panels and an alcohol test. Testing positive for these substances is considered as one of the most serious violations, especially if your previous offense is also related to drugs and alcohol.

  • Missing a court hearing or an appointment with the probation officer

The judge may require a defendant to attend court hearings after some time to check his progress. Those who are on supervised probation may also be required to talk to a probation officer from time to time.

Your probation officer plays an important role in your case because he or she normally testifies during court hearings. He or she provides evidence to the court about the terms of probation and will also give recommendations to the court. Missing an appointment or court hearing may strike a huge blow on your case because it sends out an impression that you are not taking your requirements seriously.

  • Going to certain places or meeting some people without consent

A special term during probation could be to avoid certain people or places that are related to the crime that you committed. For instance, if you were once part of a gang, you can be banned from having any means of communication with its members.

The Biggest Mistake You Can Do: Trying to Handle Your Violation on Your Own

Once you realize that you committed a violation during probation, it is important that you seek the help of an expert criminal attorney right away. You must never take the risk of facing the judge by yourself. Failing to explain your side well will lead to grave consequences such as the extension of probation, addition of probation terms or being sent to jail.

There are a lot of cases wherein an acceptable explanation can justify why these violations were committed. Only an expert in criminal law understands your rights well and will increase your chances at court. Contact Michael Gottlieb today for a consultation.

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