The Five Biggest Mistakes Gun Owners in Florida Make

The Five Biggest Mistakes Gun Owners in Florida Make

Owning a gun is not just a right, but also a responsibility. People make mistakes all the time. However, not all mistakes have repercussions as serious as gun-related errors. In Florida, there are a lot of regulations that come with gun control. This is done in order to protect the owner of the gun, as well as the people around the gun owner.

If you or anyone you know carry guns or other kinds of firearms, it is advisable to know the main mistakes that you have to avoid to prevent gun-related accidents.

Biggest Mistakes of Gun Owners in Florida

You can make countless mistakes if you handle your weapon without caution. To help you, we have compiled the top gaffes that people usually commit when handling such weapons. Here are the 5 biggest mistakes that gun owners in Florida make every day:

1. Settling for minimum required training in handling weapons

In Florida, a person has to undergo classes and training before being allowed access to guns and similar weapons. That is the reason why there are training classes available across the state. However, not all training classes can equip you with real-life gun-handling lessons.

It is advisable to research reputable classes and choose one with a proper training guide instead of just picking the easiest and quickest course possible. It is also wise to continuously study weapons handling even after you have met the minimum requirements for a license.

2. Buying a handgun with the wrong size or caliber

When it comes to owning guns, bigger is not always better. You may think that maximum damage is the most important thing when purchasing a weapon, but what it really boils down to is the amount of comfort that you have when handling a weapon. Having a smaller handgun that you can conceal and carry properly provides better defense than a bulky handgun that you cannot handle at all.

3. Choosing an improper holster

Florida is one of the only states that generally ban open carryc, save for a couple of exemptions. Therefore, an effective way of concealing your weapon while ensuring your comfort and protection should be one of your main priorities.

Unlike what you see in television, you cannot just tuck your weapon into your waistband and go. It is safer and better to get a holster that fits your lifestyle in order to guarantee not just your safety, but the protection of the people around you as well.

4. Wearing clothing that exposes your weapon

As mentioned above, you cannot just walk around while openly holding your weapon in Florida. You have to be able to conceal it properly before you leave your household. It is not enough to just purchase a suitable holster.

You also have to choose an article of clothing that gives you comfort while accommodating the gun that you carry. Wearing dark-colored shirts, jackets, and similar clothing will help you conceal your weapon.

5. Constantly checking the gun and adjusting it in public

You might have the urge to constantly check if your gun is still placed properly, and you might feel tempted to adjust it as soon as you feel discomfort. As a gun owner living in Florida, you have to learn how to resist this urge. This gives people the idea that you are carrying a gun.

If you need to adjust or move your weapon, do it in a closed space like a bathroom stall, a car, or a dressing room.

Know How to Handle Your Gun Properly

Handling a weapon is definitely not an easy task. You have to follow various rules and regulations, and make sure that you do not harm anyone while you have the weapon in your hands. Knowing what mistakes to avoid as a gun owner will help you be a better and more responsible gun owner in Florida.

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