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White-collar crime may involve a full range of fraud committed either by an individual or a corporation. The government has cracked down on businesses and individuals worldwide, and matters that were once handled via civil or regulatory processes are now resulting in a criminal investigation. If you are facing criminal charges, the law offices of Michael A. Gottlieb, P.A have extensive criminal law experience as prosecutors and defense lawyers. If you need an aggressive defense team to mount a fervent defense on your behalf call contact Broward Criminal Lawyer.

A second component regarding numerous federal white-collar cases is that the defendant does not have any former criminal history. Commonly, prosecutors will exploit this and will attempt to persuade the individual under scrutiny or being charged that talking about what he did is the best method for overcoming the procedure rapidly, however, this could backfire.

Having a skilled and persevering criminal defense lawyer as well as a white collar litigation support team, will guarantee that there are no superfluous waivers of constitutional rights. Our skilled litigation team allows for an efficient and comprehensive defense. It is important to have a Broward County Criminal Lawyer skilled in white collar crimes who understands how the Assistant United States Attorney is going to build the case against you to effectively challenge the evidence and witness testimony. Today prosecutors are taking white-collar crimes more seriously and the penalties can be significant. If you’re charged with a white-collar crime it can be terrifying, as the future of your family and your reputation is at stake. Our white-collar criminal attorneys and criminal defense lawyers have a well-established history defending white-collar criminal cases.

Types of White Collar Crime

Generally speaking, white collar crimes are non-violent and financial in nature, but every case is different. A white-collar crime may involve:
  • Fraud: Refers to any situation in which a person or organization illegally acquires property or money through misrepresentation or outright lies.
  • Embezzlement: Defined as the fraudulent and unauthorized taking of another person or organization’s property by someone in a position of trust.
  • Extortion: Refers to cases where one party induced another party into surrendering money or property through the threat of some illegal consequence, usually force.
  • Computer Crimes: Computer crimes are on the rise as more people have become connected to computers and the internet. States and the federal government now take illegal hacking very seriously, and those accused of using computers to defraud others face serious penalties.

The above list is not a full list of white-collar crimes but defendants charged with these cases and those similar face severe criminal penalties, including jail time.

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