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Did you realize that in Florida you can be accused of a 3rd degree unlawful offense for utilizing a fake ID? If convicted you could face up to 5 years in jail and a $5,000.00 fine.

The statute that applies to ownership of Fake IDs is 322.212 unauthorized ownership of, and other unlawful acts in connection to, drivers permits, identification cards or a Social Security Cards.


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  • Who does the Fake ID charge effect?

The criminal charge of Possession of a Fake ID encompasses a considerable measure of secondary school or undergrad students that are under 21 who are attempting to get into a club or a bar. An individual may not get caught with a Fake ID, yet it does happen. Typically, the arresting officer will give them a Notice to Appear, which will have the date and time to show up in court or will give you directions on the best way to timetable your court date.

Young people may not comprehend the extreme outcomes if confronted with a Fake ID (this clearly incorporates a fake driver license too). Most of the time, the student will buy or make their own particular Fake ID cards that have been modified or forged with a name and date of birth.

College students may not understand that a majority of times on top of the criminal indictment for this charge, they will likewise confront college student disciplinary hearings. This can occur regardless of the fact that the criminal offense occurred off grounds. If accused of these charges it can prompt dismissal from campus events, rejection from school grounds occasions, expulsion from athletic groups, and even ejection. Call Michael A. Gottlieb, P.A. Broward Criminal Lawyer, if your child is confronting a Fake ID charge.

Recently I have defended a Fake ID case for a high school student. The main reason my client got a Notice to Appear (NTA) was on the grounds that the proprietor of the bar demanded that officers give him something. Young men and women please understand that although an arrest is rare it does not minimize the possibility of you facing a felony for something as stupid as using a fake ID. More often than not, the bar owner or the bouncer will take the fake ID from the individual and decimate it. The proprietor could demand the law be contacted if the individual declines to leave or makes a scene in the bar or club. For this situation, and for many reasons we had the capacity to get the charge released totally, permitting my customer to go ahead to school without a flaw on his record. Another probability is a trespass charge or another misdemeanor offense, yet as a general rule the individual could be accused of a 3rd degree crime. It will be up to the State Attorney's Office that settles on the recording choice and you could be charged with an unlawful offense. Contact us ASAP for our insight and experience to help you before you’re convicted.

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