Could Florida Ban E-Cigarettes in Indoor Workplaces?

Could Florida Ban E-Cigarettes in Indoor Workplaces?

Banning E-Cigarettes in Florida

E-cigarettes are a relatively recent phenomenon. As a result, there are only a few Florida vaping laws currently in place, and most of them are limited to specific cities and counties. However, despite their image as healthier and cleaner alternatives to tobacco products, some politicians take issue with their increased prevalence. In particular, the practice of vaping within the workplace (currently legal in most of the state) has come under fire, and it may face restriction under a potential amendment to the state constitution. Here is some information on how Florida citizens may soon vote on banning e-cigarettes in Florida workspaces.

The Coming Vote on Banning E-Cigarettes in Florida

The Florida Constitution Revision Commission (CRC) is a group that convenes every two decades to propose amendments to the state constitution. When they approve of a proposed amendment, it is then placed on that year’s election ballot. The amendment will be enshrined in the constitution only if more than 60 percent of voters approve. Earlier this year, the CRC decided to let citizens determine if the constitution should expressly prohibit the use of e-cigarettes in enclosed workplaces. Currently, 19 counties and cities in Florida already have such a law in place, but this amendment would apply to the entire state.

Amendment 9, known during the CRC voting process as Proposal 65, would add “vapor-generating electronic devices” to the current ban on smoking tobacco in “enclosed indoor workplaces.” Smoking e-cigarettes would be allowed in private residences, as long as they do not provide health care, child care, and/or adult care. Vaping would also be permitted in e-cigarette retail shops, designated guest rooms at hotels, and standalone bars. Otherwise, people cannot use these devices in any indoor work environment, the way they can now.

What are E-cigarettes?

E-cigarettes come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They use a battery to create an aerosol that usually contains nicotine, flavorings, and other additives. Users and those around them inhale the aerosol. Scientists are still learning about the long-term health effects of e-cigarettes. But researchers know that the aerosol inhaled and exhaled from e-cigarettes contains nicotine and low levels of toxins that are known to cause cancer.

E-cigarettes are a $2.5 billion dollar business in the United States. Florida’s proposed legislation comes as the government issued new warnings about the use of e-cigarettes. The Food and Drug Administration said in September that it was cracking down hard on sales of vaping products to teenagers.

As of October 1, 2018, nearly 800 municipalities and 12 states ban electronic smoking devices in smoke-free environments. Voters will decide if banning e-cigarettes in Florida is the right thing to do in a matter of days.

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